Braes Storehouse Food Bank serves the Lower and Upper Braes areas of Falkirk.

“Do good and share with those in need” … Hebrews 13 v16

We work through referrals from social care organisations such as Social Work, DWP, Citizens Advice, local schools, churches and community councils. Food parcels are delivered to local people in need once a week for a minimum of 6 weeks. Further assistance can be provided for another 6 weeks if required via the initial referrer. Emergency food parcels can also be provided.

The size of the food parcel depends on the size of the family. Every 3 weeks a toiletries and household pack is also provided.

We deliver in Whitecross, Avonbridge, Slamannan, Laurieston, Maddiston, Brightons, Rumford, Redding, Redding Muirhead, Polmont, Shieldhill, California, Westquarter, Standburn, Wallacestone, Limerigg.

We deliver our food parcels directly to people’s homes and do not ask people to pick them up from the food bank. This helps remove the stigma of using a food bank. It also helps with the logistical problem of taking large food parcels on a bus from a food bank back home, especially if they have a large family.